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Brewer's spring training baseball game
In Maryvale at the Brewer's Spring Training Game
I just returned back from an awesome trip to Phoenix - which you can't beat in March! It was sunny, warm and smelling of orange blossoms. It truly is my favorite time of year. I brought a bag of grapefruits, oranges and tangelos back from my friend's house. I have been juicing them each morning for breakfast - you just can't beat fresh fruit juice in the morning!

While returning home, I met with many clients, friends, attended the farmer's market, hit up a Brewer's spring training game, and got a pedicure, which was awesome by the way. I also got some hours towards my 500-hour yoga teacher training program with www.davesastangayoga.com. I even indulged in a private yoga session with Dave, which is always awesome, and a private chant session with Cheryl, equally as awesome.

While in town, I had to get a little work done. I went to a photoshoot that I helped creative direct with Don Crossland, the photographer for my new client, Estate Tea Merchants. We came up with some gorgeous shots for our client's loose leaf teas. We also learned a lot about tea in the process, including that fact that tea bags are for hacks. You can buy their lovely teas at the Vincent's Farmers Market on 40th and Camelback, Phoenix on Saturdays.

It says "Go ahead and look us up while you wait for the movie!"

The Phoenix Film Festival was happening my last weekend in town. As their official web host, I got to include a screen in the previews to all the movies. Let me know if you got to see my little digital work of art!

I officially have two locations now - Salt Lake City and Phoenix! My Phoenix office is located at The Optima in Scottsdale. It's an awesome location at the bottom of their swanky residential condos. They have filled their lower level suites with small businesses, offering modern, chic glassy offices, racquetball courts and underground parking. My partner there keeps track of everything while I'm away, including getting my mail and hanging butterflies on the walls. It's super cute and I invite you to stop in for a visit next time I'm in town!

The 11-hour trip (700 miles) was awesome. I'll be heading back down to Phoenix again in July. Although the weather won't be nearly as fabulous, the girls (my three dogs) and I will enjoy another couple of weeks staying at the Kyatt, enjoying friends, clients and all that Phoenx has to offer.

March 2011 - District 14 Addy Awards Judge

Judging in action!
I was invited back to Reno, NV to judge the District 14 Addy Awards (San Francisco, Reno, Sacramento areas). As booked as I am, I find time to volunteer to judge these awards, as I always find such great inspriration in them - both by the entries themselves, but also by the AAF volunteers who spend so many hours preparing, then with full enthusiasm create a very special day for us, the judges.

Again, the judging was held at the beautiful photography studio of Jeff Dow, just on the edge of town. Jeff is a very gracious host and we always have such a great time at that space.

3 Addy Awards Judges
2011 District 14 - Reno
Although this year seemed to be lacking great corporate identity pieces (which is quite unusual), the district was most admirable with it's web design and tv/radio spots. There were three judges total, and we all raved over the tv spot that was a Kevin Bacon spin-off. That darn Kevin always pops up in the weirdest of spots!

Back at the sleeping quarters, we all enjoyed the hospitality of the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino. The dining was tasty, the rooms stunning (both inside and out, as we peered off the 19th floor over the entire city of Reno), and the people are always fabulous.

Always grateful to be included in some AAF's special time of year - the Addy Awards. Congrats to the many Gold and Silver winners this year at the District 14 level...and congrats to the AAF district volunteers for creating such a special event for us all!

Tahoe - Squaw Valley
And no, I didn't actually go down that hill
And yes, I did make a ski trip out of it...I hit Squaw Valley for a cozy night in a cabin and a beautiful, sunny day of skiing!

February 2011 - Sundance Film Festival

Being glam in Park City at Sundance
Being up in Salt Lake this year, it was my premier attendance to Sundance Film Festival! We hit up Park City for a beautiful, sunny Saturday of walking thru snow, taking shuttles and seeing lots of glam film-goers.

My lovely boyfriend spent bank on a week's worth of tickets so we could hit up the little Salt Lake City theatre on Broadway and catch some really interesting flicks, all with great attendence afterwards from directors, actors and writers so that we could ask questions about the movies. We hit up the shorts too, which was fun to see. They also integrated some shorts into the features and documentaries that we attended. It's interesting to see the range of budgets, number of people involved in the project, and topics covered.

I definitely have to say the week left me inspired to get back down to Phoenix for their upcoming 2011 Phoenix Film Festival!

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