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Managing Your Facebook FAN PAGE

Already set up a Fan Page? First things first, you need to be able to get to your Fan Page when you login to Facebook. There is a link in the upper right corner under ACCOUNT that says Manage Pages. If you have no Fan Page, there will be no link.

Facebook Fan Page login

Create a Facebook FAN PAGE

Looking to get your business listed on Facebook? You will need a Fan Page, as businesses aren't allowed to have a normal Facebook Page.

You can find a link to create your own Fan Page in the lower left column of any other Fan Page that you're visiting. Or you can click here to get started.

create a Fan Page on Facebook

You will need a nice avatar of your logo, or if you're really marketing yourself, use a professional photo. I can create avatars from your logo if you need help.

Other things to include on your Fan Page are some fun images in the Photo section. Try to take some shots of your location, or the service, or even better...the results! And again, try to show some of yourself...this is social marketing, so let's keep it all about you!

Be sure to include a link to your website and/or blog. And your description and information fields should match any other social marketing that you have done.

And of course, video is the hottest trend in communications, so if you can get a video added, all the better. It can be simple and something that you have filmed yourself. That being said, once the video has been created, be sure to add it to YouTube as well...YouTube is owned by Google, so indulge in the added keywords!

Once you have completed your Facebook Fan Page, you'll want to invite all your friends. There is a link for that right below the avatar. (see below)

To manage (and return back to) your Fan Page once you have left, you can go under Account in the upper right corner, and find Manage Pages. If you don't currently have any pages, the link will not show up.

create a Fan Page on Facebook

That's it, you are now on Facebook, doing some awesome Social Networking! You can also link your Twitter account to this page. I will post those instructions soon!

Still having troubles? Contact us via email or call 480.600.3765.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

This is a must-have for anybody doing social media! Trust me on this one! Get a free account, or $5.99/month if you have lots to handle!

You are never charged for stock art on web projecs! I order each hand-selected piece of art from these two sources. Feel free to use them as resources for recommendations for your projects.

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