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Via Maria client support

Logo File Management

RGB - for use on your monitor or basic inkjet printer

CMYK - for use on a printing press or postscript printer or if you're sending out to any copy/print shop

BW or Grey - for 1-color printing

TIF - (304 dpi resolution) printing press or printing from your printer, can be resized smaller, but not larger by more than 25% - Microsoft Word

EPS - vector - for embroidery, printing press, signage, can be resized any amount - you most likely can't preview on your computer

JPG - (72 dpi resolution) web, power point, email, Word (if not to be printed out) - recommended for photos, not graphics - can be resized smaller, but not larger by more than 25%

GIF - (72 dpi resolution) web, email - recommended for graphics files, not photos - don't resize

PNG - (72 dpi resolution) web, but has a transparent background, so it sits nicely on top of colored backgrounds

Please note that 72 dpi is considered low-resolution and 304 dpi is considered hi-resolution. Sometimes 216 works for simple printing or photos that don't have to be absolutely perfectly crisp.

Social Media Logos - Avatars

SIZES: 200x200 pixels, 100x100 pixels, 50x50 pixels, 25x25 pixels

USE: You can use either jpgs or gifs (each site has it's own protocol). Use these for your:
• Facebook Page Photo
• LinkedIn Company Photo
• Twitter Icon
• Myspace Photo
• YouTube Icon
• any site that you are networking your business on - this is great for reinforcing your brand!

Still having troubles? Contact us via email or call 480.600.3765.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

This is a must-have for anybody doing social media! Trust me on this one! Get a free account, or $5.99/month if you have lots to handle!

You are never charged for stock art on web projecs! I order each hand-selected piece of art from these two sources. Feel free to use them as resources for recommendations for your projects.

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