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Sending E-Newsletters

E-newsletters are a fabulous way to stay in touch with people you know...especially your family, because running a small business obviously takes time away from them, and what better way to share with them what you do all day? Ok, so we're not just going to send emails to our familes, but I'm sure they'll be happy to be included on the list.

I recommend sending a monthly newsletter out to your list. You don't want to send it out more than that. Your list will be glad you're not spamming them, and you'll be glad you don't have to put it together more than that. No need to start a side business as an author.

Managing your Newsletter

The easiest way to get started with a monthly newsletter is by subscribing to an online service. The top and best service I have found is Constant Contact. Their product is very easy to use, they have excellent customer service and follow-up, and it is quite reasonable in terms of cost.

mail chimp Another great service...and it's FREE...is MailChimp. And it's funny. You'll get to know the little monkey as he walks you through, and comments, on all the set up processes of getting your lists set up, your newsletter designed, and sending out your blasts.

Both of these services offer multiple lists, so you can send out your newsletter to specific targeted lists. It also tracks the bounce-backs and manages the bad email addresses. Both are very strict with the addresses you can add to your lists - so if you buy a list and try to add it, you may have some troubles. They are on the lookout for spammy!

Speaking of spammy, newsletter lists are not meant for adding every single person you come in contact with. Don't be adding your dentist, that guy you met briefly at the networking event, and the lady you bought that gorgeous picture from at the Art Walk. Be discerning with who you add. Try to limit it to existing clients, leads that are clearly interested in your services, and those who have requested to be added to your list. Yes, you can add your family too! But maybe not all your friends...they may not be as passionate about your work as you are. Be sure to ask them first.

Designing Your Newsletter

As a professional designer, I first must urge you to have a professional design your newsletter so it is complimentary to your overall company image, offers simple usability, and has a beautiful, striking design. I understand there are do-it-yourselfers out there trying to save money, but in the long run, your investment into a beautiful newsletter layout will pay off. So call me.

If you're still reading this, insistent on doing it yourself, then here is some advice for you, dear Lone Rangers of the marketing world.
  • Put your logo and tagline on top. Include your web address with a link back to your site. The first purpose of the newsletter is to keep your name fresh in people's minds - for business and referrals. The second purpose is to get them to act, whether it's calling, emailing, or clicking a link to visit your website. So links are great.
  • Include your social media icons - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. If your a brick and mortar, you may want to include Yelp, encouraging your list to leave you nice reviews.
  • Include a link to a corresponding page on your website for each feature in your newsletter. If you're discussing a product, then have a link or button that takes them to that page on your site for purchase or more details. Site traffic is good!
  • I prefer a 2-column format. I like the main left column to be for featured information and the thinner right column to offer tips, tricks, and tidbits. You can put your calendar, your social media, your lists in this column. Right column is also good to feature a staff member or testimonials. I like a little color for the background of the right column, and leaving the left column white, as that is your main content and you want that as easy to read as possible.
  • Include a footer which spans across the bottom of your newsletter. Include links to your major web pages, copyright info, overall web address, your contact information, and of course always include an unsubscribe link. Also offer a link to view the newsletter online, in case there is any trouble with their email client deciphering your code. If you subscribe to a newsletter service, most likely this portion will alredy be included automatically.
  • Newsletter Content

    Ah, what to write about each month! That can be tricky, but once you dive in, it's not so hard. Let's think about all the important news you can share wit your list - things they actually need or want to know.

    Things your list needs to know
    • Address or phone number change
    • Procedural changes - such as how to get support, or perhaps paying online, turnaround times, etc.
    • Staff changes - make an introduction!
    • Business hours, vacations and holidays, closing early
    • Company calendar - classes, special events that you're offering

    Things your list wants to know
    • Things that make life easier, better, funner (hey, everybody else uses that word)
    • Things that save money, coupons, promotions
    • Things that entertain - jokes, recipes, industry trivia - ok, let's get more creative than the clichés. Maybe things like cool websites, or about your own personal experiences, charities that you like, or your opinion on world news, a photo that you took, or a silly little poem that you wrote. People love to read about other people's live, so here's your chance to share your stories and opinions.

    Things your list may not be too interested in
    • Endless sales pitches
    • Boring, purposeless filler copy
    • Endless sales pitches

    Hopefully these lists of ideas offer you inspiration and creativity for your next newsletter blast. Be sure to have a professional copyedit your newsletter before sending it out, even if it's your mom who used to be an English teacher. A dirty newsletter is very unattractive. And if you find any typos on this page, I'll give you a free consultation (one that really helps your business, not a sales pitch) just for letting me know! Happy searching!

    Still having troubles? Contact us via email or call 480.600.3765.

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