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online marketing and branding

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Company Profiling

Who are you? That might be an easier question than this one...who is your business? Unless you create the answer to that question, you may just inherit an answer you didn't expect.

Let's creatively develop a beautiful personality for your business or organization. First we brainstorm...words, pictures, colors, flavors...we paint the picture of who your company is. We give it a face, a feeling, a reason to live. Then we connect it to it's audience. Who are your clients? What are their wants and needs? And why would they choose to work with you?

In this creative process, things will magically happen. I can help create or update your branding, your elevator speech, your tagline, your logo, your pros and cons, your ups and downs. In doing this work, all of your marketing materials will blossom into this beautiful personality.

Why spend time and money on this process? It will bring synchronicity to your client base. It will better connect you to the people who will love and appreciate your services or products. You'll be happier, they'll be happier. What a great way to plant the seeds for relationships that will blossom into a beautiful garden of business.

Sample ideas of what we work on:

  • Descriptive words - ie: sustainable, natural, tasty, hand-crafted, healthy
  • Mission statement
  • Elevator speech for networking or describing what you do to people you just meet
  • Your voicemail message - both direct numbers and company numbers
  • Email signatures
  • Image library - ie: images of nature - "natural", or images of budding plants - "growth", or images of handshakes - "service"
  • Social networking - creating an avatar, brief description, online username, etc.
  • Keywords - words to integrate into your marketing materials, especially online web content and advertising
  • Headlines - clever captions that you can use in marketing materials
These are just a few of the items we generate. We can spend as many hours as you like on this process - you'll get amazing results no matter what size your budget.

Company Profiling Retreats Available!
Want to get away from the office so you can focus on developing your business? I now offer 2-5 day private retreats outside of your hometown - great for clearing the brain and having some creative fun without any of the disruptions of being at work. The retreat is planned around a location that offers an environment favorable to you and/or your staff to have the most fun doing this creative work!

Schedule your company's own private annual retreat with me (100% tax-deductible of course!) or register for my upcoming group annual retreat.

Online Marketing

The Basics

If you're looking for a jumpstart with your online branding, I can get you started. I'll hook you up with a Google Analytics account for tracking your web stats. I'll sign up your site for a few other goodies in Google's toolbox. If you really want to be loud, I'll set up a blog, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and a few other places where your voice can be heard and your company discovered. When it comes to being heard, I've got your back.

Newsletter Blasts

I have a super cool newsletter package that can help you keep in touch with your clients each month. I will create an HTML template that resembles your site for newsletter blasts. Then I'd like to suggest an opt-in list, meaning that everybody you are sending your newsletter has agreed to receive it. You'll be able to invite them to join. My recommendation is Constant Contact or Mail Chimp for sending the newsletters out. I can set this up for you, or just shoot over your login info and I'll do the rest.
strategy faq
  • strategy techniques are customized to your business and your style
  • services are billed hourly
  • strategies can be performed to accommodate any budget!
  • all web designs include web 2.0 links - Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • all sites include Google Analytics


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